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Renovating in Perth?

Are you upgrading your kitchen or bathroom? Are you adding an extension? Do you have cracked walls or faded surfaces? Architex Plastering can help not only with new constructions, but also with repairing existing walls or facilitating your renovation project, inside or out.

When adding a new room to an existing building, the experienced team at Architex Plastering can finish the walls to achieve a consistent look throughout, as if the if were part of the original structure. Common renovations in Perth of course include kitchens, bathrooms, and general upgrades or rejuvenating interior walls, but it often extends to remodelling new buildings around an existing front elevation (or facade). Renovation of this kind are fairly common on heritage listed homes, churches or commercial buildings.

When renovating at home, it can be temping to try your hand at most things including tearing down old counter tops and removing sinks. For the large part of the renovation, a handy person can get by. Walls on the other hand take expertise to truly flatten down to perfectly flat smooth surface. An uneven wall can be spotted from afar and it is something that will continue to bug, the more you look at it. Leave the renovation of your walls to the experts. The team at Architex Plastering have the skills, experience and tools to deliver a perfectly flat canvas, ready for painting, tiling of texture coating.

Types of Renovations

Around Perth, the typical renovation projects may include:

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