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Sand Finish

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wall sand finish render

What is Sand Finish?

Sand Finish render is an alternative external render finish to acrylic texture. It is cement based and is produced in either one or two-coat work in grey or white cement. The finish is textured and can be used both internally and externally. It has been used in Perth for many years and is still used today in many new home constructions.
Although losing pouplarity to texture coating, many still opt for Sand Finish as it offers a flattering sandy, matte appearance. Furthermore with a Sand Finish Render you are able to paint the surface yourself.

Where is it used?

Sand finish as an external render has been used for external elevations of buildings for many years. It has been utilised as a plain finish and in ornamental work such as cement mouldings, pressed cement, cement lettering and other embellishments. Providing a weather-proof coat, this finish offers and temperature control as well favourably affecting the acoustics of the building. Internally, it can be used an alternative finish to plaster setting.

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